Feedback from our 2023 Concerts

Everyone…. wow!!! Sometimes there are no words….!

Thank you so much  for giving me and for giving the countless people in the audience 48 hours of heaven!

They were taken on a journey of emotions and I believe all of us in the end felt more connected and more proud than perhaps at any other time in recent weeks or YEARS for that matter. 

May Hashem hear our prayers and give those in the Jewish world who so need it at this time…. Refuah in every sense of the word.

Am Yisrael Chai

You are all heroes of Am Yisrael.

Albert C

Huge thanks for the most perfectly organised, joyful, thoughtful and hope filled evening.

Fiorella M

The singing was truly uplifting, and Shulem is awesome. Apparently, his birthday just yesterday!

His voice truly soared to the skies. The energy was so positive, and we thank you for the absolute best evening in a long time.

Just wanted you to know, we had an amazing and very emotional evening.

Fiorella M

I wanted to thank you so much for a fantastic event. The mix of music was perfect! It was so wonderful to have something upbeat and inspiring, we need to remember to keep positive and strong in these difficult times. We were really moved by the whole event and want to thank you and all the organisers for an incredible evening! Thank you!!

I attended with my whole family. It was a very moving, emotional and uplifting concert.


Nick S

We just returned from the most beautiful emotional evening St John’s Wood

 Thank you for arranging it

Am Yisroel Chai

Stuart T

Thank you for arranging the tickets for my daughter and me as we had a most uplifting inspiring evening where we left feeling encouraged and hopeful with a sense of belonging to Am Yisroel.

May Hashem give you the health and strength to continue to arrange these events.

Malka T

Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved in what was an incredible evening. It was truly amazing. The singing was wonderful, and the atmosphere was very uplifting. It was a privilege to be present.

Thank you so much for coming to Leeds. 

Maralyn L

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible “Solidarity with Israel” . The performances by Cantors Shulem Lemmer, Avromi Freilich, Alby Chait, the choir, and the band were truly outstanding. The atmosphere was filled with warmth, unity, and a genuine celebration of our shared values.

The event left a lasting impression on me, and I believe it resonated profoundly with the entire community in London. The harmony of voices and the powerful messages conveyed made it a truly memorable experience. I wanted to convey how much it meant to me and countless others.

Yehuda D

Feedback from our 2022 Concerts

We must congratulate you all on the wonderful Chazanut Concert last Sunday in Leeds.   The atmosphere was electric and we have only heard very good feedback.  It was a truly a memorable evening.

 Thank you so much from all the Communities who came together from all over the country to make that evening so successful and the Welfare Board, who do such wonderful work in our community benefitted by it too.

Rosalind P

We were at the concert on Sunday and wanted to say how wonderful it was.  The 3 singers were ‘out of this world’ but the whole evening was enhanced by the orchestra and conductor.  They looked fabulous in their dinner suits.The ‘mood lighting’ helped make the atmosphere which was electric and we were so privileged to be part of it.

It was an extremely fitting and emotional finale to hear Ha Tikvah and The National Anthem sung by 600 jewish voices.

We do hope you will return to Leeds.

Elaine S

Just to say WOW WOW WOW

What a splendid evening, we were completely blown away.

As the Rabbi mentioned it brought Achdut, a feeling of togetherness, allowing us all to shed a tear, offer a prayer and give us a moment of appreciation, feeling proud to be Jewish!

Miri YY

We very much enjoyed the beautiful  Concert on Monday evening. Quite amazing to see the lovely Shul filled to capacity. The Chazans were all enjoyable to watch and listen to, but Shulem is a most delightful character and we loved all his songs so much.

Rosalynd B

Thanks so much for organising an amazing evening. We had a fantastic time.  Came back to Manchester on a high!

Looking forward to the next concert!!

You are all heroes of Am Yisrael.

Elaine R

Thank you for an incredible evening.    The music was absolutely magical.

Geoffrey H

I wanted to thank you for organising such a fantastic event. I’m not a regular shul goer but love chazanut and after hearing Shulem’s brother in Edgware some years ago, definitely wanted to attend last night’s event. It was a fabulous evening, and my 25 year old son who joined me (and is a musician) said that hearing Shulem singing last night and the whole experience of the evening will be a memory that will remain with him for a very long time.  It was a truly inspirational and uplifting evening! Well done to everyone involved and thank you again.

Lisa B